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Truck Driver Causes Train Wreck in Walton County

Last week, a truck driver caused an accident with a CSX freight train when he failed to make an accurate estimation of the amount of space that his rig would require to clear the train tracks. Michael Cole and his passenger, Jill Cole, were stopped on State Route 90, waiting to pull onto Highway 90. The rear end of the rig was still on the train tracks.

The locomotive, operated by Daniel Powell, was unable to stop in time, and it slammed into the rear of the Kenworth trailer, which Cole was towing. Michael Yankovich was also a passenger on the train. Though all four people involved in the accident were able to walk away unharmed, Cole still caused a great deal of damage to his rig, to the train and to the tracks, which are often ripped up in an accident. He will be held responsible for the damages, and will most likely be taken to court in a lawsuit, according the trooper who investigated the scene of the crash.

Though it is understandable that a driver of a large truck would have a difficult time estimating the size of his trailer, the mistake is inexcusable. The passengers could have been seriously injured, or even killed by his error. Had they been hurt, they would have most likely filed a personal injury lawsuit against Cole to sue for medical expenses, lost wages and suffering.

If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident that was caused by a truck driver's serious mistake, you should get professional legal assistance. The truck accident personal injury lawyers at Porter and Kovick have years of experience and will help you get the compensation that you deserve.

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