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Trial Experience

Mr. Porter and Mr. Korvick won a verdict in the police shooting death case of Torres v. Broward Sheriff's Office in which the jury awarded $6.5 million for their clients. This was the largest verdict in a police shooting case in Florida history.

Mr. Porter was the lead trial counsel in a case involving a malfunctioning traffic signal which caused an intersection collision leaving Michelle Tierney, a mother of two small children, severely brain damaged. The lawsuit against Metro Dade County resulted in a $5.6 million recovery and was the largest claims bill ever approved against Dade County by the Florida State Legislature.

Mr. Korvick won the automobile accident case of Fernandez v. Zurich Insurance Co., in which the jury awarded $7.19 million for his clients. In a separate trial, he also defeated the insurance company's denial of coverage for the full verdict. Mr. Korvick is a nationally recognized trial lawyer in aquatic injury cases and has successfully concluded spinal cord injury cases involving failure to warn of shallow pool depths and underwater hazards.

Mr. Porter and Mr. Korvick also won a landmark $1.2 million verdict in Beard v. Island Hoppers in Palm Beach County involving a SCUBA professional's duty to supervise a trained and certified diver.

Fernandez v. Zurich Insurance Co. $7,190,000
Confidential - door latch design $7,000,000
Torres v. Broward Sheriff's Office $6,500,000
Confidential - aquatic injury $6,000,000
Tierney v. Metro Dade $5,600,000
Confidential - fuel tank design $5,000,000
Confidential - hotel aquatic injury $3,000,000
Confidential - cruise ship engine room fall $3,000,000
Confidential - unfriendly auto interior $2,500,000
Confidential - airline crash $2,500,000
Confidential - auto crashworthiness $2,380,000
Confidential - helicopter accident $2,250,000
Confidential - child seat failure $2,000,000
Cole v. Eagle Transport $1,806,085
Confidential - medical malpractice $1,990,000
Confidential - seat belt failure $1,600,000
Confidential - rollover $1,500,000
Ahlers v. PAFB - medical malpractice $1,500,000
Confidential - fork lift design $1,250,000
Williamson v. Allstate $1,200,000
Confidential - medical malpractice $1,200,000
Otero v. State Farm $1,100,000
Confidential - roll over $1,100,000
Confidential - nursing home neglect $1,000,000
Confidential - medical malpractice $1,000,000

Significant Florida Verdicts for Wrongful Death of Child

Mr. Porter and Mr. Korvick personally prepare each case for jury trial. The firm accepts only select cases. In this way, the firm provides personal service, skilled trial expertise, and focuses its formidable resources to obtain the best results for each client.

Other Cases Handled

$1,890,000 for Failure to Diagnose Rare But Curable Placental Cancer

4TH DCA Upholds Firm’s Contingent Fee Risk Multiplier

$1,500,000 Federal Tort Claims Act Recovery

Company Retrofits Forklift Fleet After Paying $1,250,000

$600,000 for Child’s Broken Leg

$2,250,000 Settlement for Death of Foreigner in Workplace Accident in S. America

Firm Wins $1,300,000 for Botched Bypass Surgery

$2,350,000 for In Utero Injury to Child Caused By Defective Seat Belt Design

$4,500,000 in Child Seat Injury Case

$3,000,000 Recovery for Slip and Fall

Firm Wins Defective Minivan Liftgate Latch Case in Michigan

America's Rescued Hostages
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