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Miami Maritime Attorneys

Maritime law is the field of law aimed at providing protection to individuals who spend their lives working in the open sea. People who work on boats, ships, yachts, offshore oilrigs, riverboats, fishing boats, cargo ships, ferries, or any other kind of sea vessel are all affected by maritime laws. These laws assist seamen, who are not covered by the basic workers’ compensation laws that workers in the mainland are. If a marine employee is injured while overseas, he or she is protected by maritime laws.

Have you been injured while on a personal watercraft or other sea vessel? If so, contact our Miami maritime attorneys at Porter & Korvick today!

Our Miami maritime attorneys can assist you with the following:

  • Personal injury while on a sea vessel
  • Negligent behavior by crewmen
  • Shoddy equipment and equipment failure
  • Accidental drowning

Maritime law is simply another name for Admiralty Law. The long and torpid history of admiralty law confuses people as to what laws apply while working overseas. It is safe to say that if something is against the law while on land, it is also illegal while working for a U.S. company on the ocean. The Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has certain standards every business working on the seas must adhere to. There are plenty of unique hazards that may befall seafaring laborers and OSHA seeks to provide standards and regulations as to how employers should treat their employees, as well as health guidelines.

Typical claims and cases that are filed under maritime laws include unlawful docking of seaman’s wages or delayed payment of wages. Hard working aquatic laborers are rightfully due their money for back-breaking work and are oftentimes not given the full amount they are due.

Other common maritime law claims include personal injuries resulting from working in hazardous conditions and illnesses contacted from asbestos exposure. If you have worked on any kind of sea vessel for an American employer and have experienced any infraction of maritime law, please contact our Miami maritime attorneys now. We are able to help you.

Have you been injured while on a personal watercraft or other sea vessel? If so, contact our Miami maritime attorneys at Porter & Korvick today!

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